What is a Gazebo?

A Gazebo is a garden structure that has been around in gardening circles for decades. They were used originally as focal points in large estate gardens to draw visitors out into the garden and to encourage better use of the space

Famous landscape gardeners such as Sir Lancelot ‘capability’ Brown would use such features in his own garden designs. Of course back in the 1760’s garden design was a great deal more impressive than it is today and so too were the gazebos of the 1760’s

One of the best examples of a Gazebo or ‘folly’ as they were referred to was the folly at Bowood House. The Doric Temple folly which is propped up on the bow of a hillock overlooking one of Browns manmade lakes is an incredible piece of garden architecture and would to this day lure anyone from the comfort of their home, out into the gardens. This extravagant gazebo comes with grand Romanesque pillars and ornate stonework making it a timeless addition to the garden. But even though it was commissioned by Brown, it current location in the gardens at Bowood was not its original position as it was moved to the lake side location some years after Brown first built it in the pleasure gardens

American gazebos always conjure up images of idyllic scenes of an eight side wooden structure with a high pitched roof. The most famous of all American gazebos would be Thomas Jefferson’s at Mount Verron

The prerequisites of any gazebos is that is must have a roof and be open on all sides. After that the style, shape, material and look of the gazebo is not restricted. In public parks in Dublin and England gazebos are often used as band stands and prove to be a great way to run and hold events in parks. They can also be temporary structures that can be quickly built from wooden and shingle roof tiles to offer a sheltered spot at events and festivals

These days gazebos can be bought in metal or timber. Often a Gazebo can be purchased flat packed, delivered to your home and can be erected in less than one hour. While most of the same mind blowing qualities of the Doric Temple, modern day gazebos still draw the same attention and still prove to be essential additions to gardens big and small

Whether it’s a birthday party or wedding event Gazebos become the focal point for activities and with the unpredictable Irish weather than can also save an event as everyone huddles underneath until the occasional showers pass