Build your Own Garden Furniture

Sometimes gardening is best when we do it ourselves. We can really appreciate a piece of garden furniture, bench or table if we put our own sweat into it and we maybe put our own ‘twist’ on it. If you build it yourself then you gain a certain ownership and sentimentality that you would not otherwise have if the furniture was bought. So with that we have a few images & ideas for garden furniture that you can build yourself at home with minimal effort or skills.

With the right tools, namely a good saw and a good drill there is no end to the woodwork creations and garden furniture pieces that you can assemble. One commonly used product is a timber or wooden pallet. Over years and across the gardening world pallets have been reworked and reborn as intriguing pieces of garden art, tables, chairs & furniture

Below are example of different furniture pieces, all made from pallets.

Pallet selection is important and will determine the end look of your furniture. If you wish to go for an aged look then older & worn pallets would be fine. But for a modern and clinical furniture set, you should always pick new and solid wooden pallets

One nice feature that  can be constructed from pallets is a shingle roofing or cladding look. You can achieve such a look from gathering a selection of old pallets, chopping the sections into smaller shingle tiles can overlapping them to clad various surfaces such as a garden well, dog house or outdoor garden bar