Seaweed Fertiliser by Atlantic Gold

Soil conditioning is an important step in gardening and vegetable growing. The condition of your soil will have a huge impact on the quality of the garden flowers and the size of your harvest. While we have little influence on weather conditions and sun levels, we can greatly influence our soils conditions and with this we can greatly improve the growing conditions for plants. Atlantic Gold have a range of seaweed products & seaweed fertiliser that actively improve soils for a more productive garden

Seaweed has been used as a soil conditioner for centuries along the west coast of Ireland and on Islands off our shores to improve soil conditions. On these barren rocky landscapes seaweed such as that used by Atlantic gold has been laid out over the land to improve sol life & soil activity. Without the constant addition of this seaweed to these areas the land would be of little economic value. Seaweed fertiliser & Conditioner is more than a fertiliser
There are many unique properties to seaweed that helps improve soils & garden soils. The first such benefit is the presence of alginates. These alginates exist in seaweed and when added to garden soils, they aid & increase soil life adding good bacteria & micro-organisms to soils. This in turn increases the bio activity of soils and by that there is an increase in decomposition of organic matter. The outcome of this activity all leads to better quality soils. Atlantic gold seaweed is full of these beneficial alginates and their combined work in soils leads to:

  • More nutrients in soils
  • Better soil structure
  • More air channels in soils
  • Better drainage & better water retention
  • Better root growth

In all the addition of seaweed to soils makes them far more productive and active. These days as we see the value in recycling & conservation, soil conditioning is just one more aspect which we should consider when undertaking gardening tasks
While having alginates, Atlantic Gold Seaweed also contains plant hormones. Seaweed itself is a lower form of plant (an Algae) and so, that’s similar plant hormones including cytokinins & betaines and these hormones are essential for various plant functions including growth. So, by adding seaweed to your soils you can increase plant hormones in soils which plants can consume & get use from
It is also called a Seaweed fertiliser as this contains essential plant nutrients. The levels of nutrients in seaweed is low but there is a certain amount there and again, this all benefits plants & improves growing conditions for plants
The result of adding seaweed to your soil includes:

  • Increase yields
  • Increase germination rates
  • Increase nutrient uptake
  • Increase plant’s resistance to pests, disease & frost