Wildflower Seeds For Weddings

Something that is becoming more and more clear as my own wedding draws close is that you can’t do it all on a shoe-string! In fact, it turns out, that weddings can be quite an expensive affair!! So money saving ideas can certainly come in handy in the build up to the big day!

One great way to save money and the reduce the wedding bill is to grow your own wildflowers. This can be a great way to add your own personal touch to the wedding and involve your family and friends in arranging the bouquet and selecting the best colour scheme and wildflower seeds mix
If you wish to grow your own wild flowers for your weeding then you will need to consider the timing. Wildflowers and in flower between mid-June to late September, so if your wedding is not during this period then you should try a different option.
If your wedding does fall in this period then you can grow your own wildflowers. The first consideration is your site. For a bouquet and bridal party flowers yow will need to sow approx. 2m2 of wildflower seeds. This will give you sufficient amount to select the best of the bunch and have more than enough flowers for the day. If you want to decorate the whole ceremony and hotel with flowers then you will need to think on a bigger scale. Approx. 100m2 should be sufficient so long as your meadow is fire on all cylinders at the right time.
To ensure that your wildflower flower at the right time, you need to top the meadow 6 weeks before  the day of the wedding. This will allow sufficient time for the flowers to recover, develop flower buds and start flowering again. The freshest, new blooms will last the longest and will remain upright the longest on the wedding day
To ensure the cut wildflowers are looking their best all day long you should cut the flower the day before the wedding. Ensure to cut clean cuts and handle the flower & stems with great care. Wildflowers are quiet delicate and don’t respond well to heavy handling. Place the cut flower in a vase and make a preserving cocktail of 3 tablespoons of sugar and 2 tablespoons of vinegar per litre of water. Fill the vase to approx. 10cm up the height of the flower stems

There are a huge selection of wildflower mixes available online at the gardenshop.ie and there you can chose the best mix for your soil and your growing conditions. So long as you get the soil conditions right you should have no problem in growing your own wildflower seeds for your wedding