Choosing the Right Mower For You

When searching for the right mower for you there are a number of factors that you should consider. Luckily these days the internet is a great way to shop around and compare and contrast all the options on the market. SO what should you look out for?

Well, the engine would always be the first thing to get right. With push and self drive mowers the Briggs & Stratton Engine is the market leader and you should only choose mowers with their engine. Not only are Briggs & Stratton engines more reliable but if something does go wrong then you can be assured your mechanic can fix the problem and spare parts are readily available.

Engine size is the next factor. This can lead to some confusion with the arrangement of terms and ways to describe engines power. Traditionally HP or horse power was the way to measure the power of an engine. But this has been replaced with CC or displacement in cubic centimetres or in torque ratings.

The size of the engine should be in balance with the size of the blade and the cutting width of the machine itself. Therefore a lawn mower with a cutting width of 55cm would require a large engine such as 6HP or 190CC

A smaller cutting width – such as 45cm would have smaller blades and therefore would run just as well on a smaller engine such as a 158CC engine or 4HP

The engine size will also determine the ability of the mower to deal with though terrain, higher grass and longer mowing / larger areas.

Another important point to check is the engine’s design. Newer engine models have OHV technology, which stands for over head valves and this give better efficiency and further power. This is an important feature and should be found on all new, decent mowers. The Briggs & Strattion 500e series engines come with this feature.

Features such as Self-drive or not, Mulching ability or not, minimum and maximum cutting heights are all important considerations but each can be easily determined and unique to each buyer.

Two more things that should not be over looked is the cutting width – generally range from 40cm to 65cm and the capacity of the collection box – ranging from 40L to 60L.  These two factors will really determine how long you spend pushing your new toy across your lovely lawn. Something that we call get tire of eventually.

So with all that in mind i would like to recommend two models of lawn mower:

The Weibang  WB454HB – which is a suitable middle of the line mower with 45cm cutting width and a matching 4HP engine with OHV tech and 55L collection box

The Huskvarna LC 53 E- with its humongous DOV 750 Series Briggs & Stratton Engine means this beast can ‘mow’ through tall grass at a width of 53cm. And even with all that cutting power you still wont have to empty our box with a 60L collection capacity. ROOOAR!