Organic Food from Ireland is Better Than Ever

The range, variety and quality of locally produced and organic food in Ireland is getting better every year. The diversity of products now available to customers is truly endless and the market continues to grow. Organic food from Ireland now includes meat, milk, fruit, vegetables, biscuits, eggs, confectionery, cheese, yogurt, drinks, cereal, flour, bread, deserts, alcohol, jam, honey and cosmetics

One of the producers of food from Ireland is St. Tola. They make organic goats cheese on the Burren in County Clare and have been doing so since the early eighties.  While Ballybrado have been making a wide range of flour based foods including bread, cereals, muesli, oats and baking mixes since 1983.

There are a number of distributors of organic produce and food from Ireland including Absolutely Organic which has been providing organic delivery service in the Dublin area since 1997. They have a wide range of organic  products including veg & fruit boxes, hampers and gift boxes, office fruit boxes and juicing boxes.

One producer of Organic food from Ireland is the Organic herb garden. They were recently exhibiting at Bloom in the Park and their products were truly delicious. Great to see locally made and tasty foods that are well presented. Unfortunately The Organic Herb Company’s products are not in high street supermarkets but you can find them in Avoca Fallon & Byrnes, DonnyBrook Fair and Cavistons.

Abbey farms also make a wide range of Jams, preserves and marmalade which are hand made, beautiful packaged and bursting with flavour. They are located in Co. Laois and have won many food awards since they first opened for business.

Organic food from Ireland that you will find in most supermarkets includes:

  • Glenisk
  • Flahavans
  • While tesco and lidl stock their own range of organic foods that have acquired the organic symbol

It is a great business to be involved in as food from Ireland and food grown, prepared and packaged in Ireland creates jobs, promotes farming, healthy life styles and sows the seeds for further entrepreneurial ideas and activities in our countryside and small villages.

In the past decade the area under organic production in Ireland has doubled. Organic foods and artisan foods earn a higher sale price because of the care and effort that goes into the production of these foods. Consumers have a better knowledge and trust in the food they eat. They know it has been produced locally in a sustainable way, without causing harm to the soil or environment while creating jobs and maintaining our countryside.

There are now over 1632 organic producers in Ireland totalling 52,930 hectares of irish soil which is 1.2% of the total area of Ireland. But the Government has a target to increase this to 5%. So it would appear the our food from Ireland and Organic food Industry is only going to get bigger amd better.