Furniture Covers For Winter Protection

So you’ve splashed out on a brand new patio furniture set and its looking all shiny and new out in the garden. What a lovely sight that is. But there are some dark clouds on the horizon! and can mean only one thing – the predictable Irish rain! and everything else that comes with it

As im sure you are all very aware; it rains a lot in Ireland. On average it rains between 750 & 1000 mm of rain over the course of the year and that increases to between 1000 and 1250 mm for the Western half of the country. On the East of the country it rains on average 150 days of the year. While the West suffer approximately 225 days of rain each year. This can mean only one thing for our patio furniture cover: slow and steady deterioration. If you place a furniture cover over your patio furniture then you can protect it from this
Furniture covers come in a range of qualities and sizes. Lower cost covers will not offer the best fit over your furniture and will look a bit odd when in place. These cheaper covers are also prone to falling off and blowing away in the wind. All furniture covers come with a pull string line which allows for a better tightening of the cover along it’s base
Higher spec furniture covers are made from breathable polyester fabric which offer water protection while allowing for airflow around the cover. They also come in a range of colours that are often more subtle and toned down than lower cost covers
UV Protection is also an essential feature of patio furniture covers as sunshine can also harm furniture causing it to dry out and crack. UV protection will both protect the furniture & prevent the cover from shrinking
While more expensive covers are made from polyester, budget covers are made from polyethylene. This is usually woven and so creates a strong material, but is not as breathable as polyester. For a top quality cover you can go for a PVC coated Polyester material this provides the added protection of the PVC offering full UV and Weather protection while the Polyester material adds a breathable element
There is of course a furniture cover for every type of furniture and garden feature. You can and should buy covers for chimeneas, bbq, benches and all other garden features that can not be easily lifted and brought indoors
Bikes, lawnmowers and ride on mowers should also be covered to protect them and ensure they don’t become rusty