Lawn Scarifiers – Whats the Best?

Lawn scarification is a really great way of improving the airflow in at soil level on lawns. Why is this important? air flow is essential for many reasons and will most certainly improve grass growth and reduce moss levels on lawns




Here is a list of reasons why using a lawn scarifier and improving airflow is important:

  1. Increase oxygen levels at and near root level – this is important for respiration of plant roots and leaves
  2. Using a lawn scarifier will increase carbon dioxide levels – this is essential for photosynthesis
  3. Increase in light levels at soil – this have many benefits including increased photosynthesis, increase soil temperatures and quicker drying of soil surface
  4. Better air circulation reduces the likelihood of fungal diseases on soils & grass
  5. Better penetration and intake of water into soils where it is needed – the alternative is the build up of damp mossy & thatch layer at soil surface which really impeeds grass growth
  6. More space for grass to spread and develop tillers leading to a fuller and healthier sward
  7. Scratching the soil surface also benefits in getting air down to roots and allow for better penetration of nutrients

Now that you are aware of the many benefits you are no doubt eager to get out and get started with your lawn scarifier. But wait! first you need to remember the best time to use a lawn scarifier is:

  • In early spring or autumn
  • Best not to scarify in the summer as this can stress your lawn
  • Ideally you should treat your lawn with a moss killer such as Sulphate of Iron – allow 2 weeks for moss to die off fully and then scarify
  • You should cut your grass first to ensure an easier job
  • Avoid working in wet conditions as this will cause harm to your lawn, lead to compaction of soils and the lawn scarifier can pulled up tufts of grass

So timing as you can see is very important, but equally important is your choice of lawn scarifier. If you have a small lawn area only then you would be fine to use the manual pull lawn scarifer. But for lawns with a heavy layer of moss and for larger lawns (over 200M2) then you should choose a petrol powered scarifier