Garden Furniture Care

As we come out the of the winter months and start to see the sun sneaking out from behind the clouds we might find that our patio furniture is looking a bit worst for wears. The winter rain and frost can take its toll on garden furniture and if you haven’t covered it up then you are likely to need to apply a little tlc

The first thing first is to sand down any of your wooden garden furniture and this will prepare it for a treatment of preservative

Warning: Elbow grease required! Sanding down garden furniture can be an arduous task and will take time as there are a lot of nocks and crannies that you will need to get in around. If you have a lot of furniture to do then it might be no harm to invest in a small electric sander

When preserving your garden furniture there are a wide selection of stains in the market. To bring your furniture back to life there are wood reviver products. There are also products to suit specific wood types such as teak wood stain or softwood stain

The reason for treating you garden furniture with preservative it to add moisture back into the wood, seal the wood and prevent it from drying out and cracking in the future

Once you have applied a layer of preservative you can then apply a wood stain again there is a different stain for softwood and hard wood and there are endless numbers of stain colours to choose from. If you are unsure about which stain is right for your garden furniture then you should choose a lighter stain, see if its suitable. If the lighter stain is not suitable then you can use a darker stain. But you can’t do it the other way round

Whilst normal wood stain colours of light to deep browns are the most popular you could consider mixing it up by painting your garden furniture in a bright colour. Primary colours of yellow and red look great in gardens and will really make your furniture stand out. While greens, sky blues & turquoise are also great in gardens and offer a more subtle look

Once you have put yourself through the end graft of reviving your garden furniture you may want to consider a polythene cover to protect your furniture in the future. These covers are great as you don’t need to move or store away your furniture. You can just leave it in place and drape the cover over when not in use