Planting Your Flower Pots

Container gardening ideas for seasonal planting scheme


Spring planting scheme for flower pots
Spring colour can come in many forms but spring bulbs is a great way to add early colour to your garden and if you are well organised you can plant up flower pots in autumn to give you a colourful container garden from late February

Some good planting options for spring include daffodils, snowdrops, Tulips and cyclamen while bedding plants such as primroses, panies, bidens and polyanthus offer guaranteed colour over the season. But for a successful flower pot scheme a good combination of flowers & foliage is important. This means that plants such as heuchera, creeping ivies, lamium, ferns, grasses, aspleniums and miniature conifers are also essential additions for spring planting schemes

For a delightful spring flower pot sow snowdrops in autumn with ferns, aspleniums, arums & hellebores


It’s easy to create a floral scheme in the summer months as there is so much on show at this time of the year. Depending on your flower pot size you can grow a whole range of different plants. But a good planting scheme again needs a certain amount of planning. Some good planting combinations for flower pots include:
Acer palmatum under planted with alliums & ophiopogon nigrescens
Pittosporum Silver Queen with Weiglia Purpurea & Heuchera
Astilbe fanal with Huechera purple palace and Alliums


Whilst autumn brings the end of the warm weather and the beginning of the frost there is still plenty of time for sunshine and a great selection of colour in the garden. Late flowering plants such as rudbeckia, sedums, Dahlias, Lobelias & wallflowers are super options for planting up flower pots

Some nice planting combinations for this time of year include:
Phormiums pink panther with different colours of Heuchera and lobelias
Red Stemmed dogwood with Bergenias, Rudeckia Fulgida Goldsturm and Skimmia japonica
Dwarf thujas underplanted with ivies, heucheras, sedums & wallflowers


This might be the dormant season but you can still brighten things up with a colourful container in the winter months. This is what makes flower pots so great and once the season is over you can start with a number batch of plants for even more colour. Winter planting options include:
Hellebores, Heathers, primroses and, panises. These are all be combined with interesting foliage, berries and stems of plants such as:
Skimmia rubella, red stemmed dogwood, ornamental cabbage, dwarf ivies, heucheras, junipers, enoymus fortunei and nandina domestica