Today in the Garden – Snowdrops in Bloom

Temperatures are below normal and the frosty conditions are persisting across the country. But this has not stopped many of our hardiest plants from sticking their heads up above soil level and start to put on their first seasons blooms

In the midst of the ice and the snow the most delicate of flowers have begun to brighten up our dull winter’s days. The low light levels and short days have not stopped our snowdrops, hellebores and primroses from flowering
The hellebores were the first to bloom and they’re flowering season will be coming to an end soon. Their unassuming, dropping flower heads sit steadfast in the otherwise bleak landscape. To really get an appreciation of the hellebores you literally have to get down on your knees and look up under the plant as it shies away from the cold
Another dropping flower head is the snowdrop and the season has only begun for these delightful plants. Despite their delicate appearance the snowdrops are always the first plants to bloom regardless of the weather and are quite capable of defying the coldest of snow conditions to put on a show
To be honest, I’m not sure whether my primroses are early or late this year. With the mild winter before Christmas these primroses could very well be survivors of last year. The mild conditions may have fouled them into thinking spring had started all the way back in early December and they could be blooming ever since then. Because of the lack of a prolonged frosty period all these primroses have been able to survive