Garden Trellis To Screen Your Oil Tank

Here at the gardenshop we offer tips and advice on how to make your garden looking its best all year round. There are so many ways & ideas to make your garden work better and look better with a little time and effort.  For those who have unsightly oil or water tanks in their garden you should consider screening them with some garden trellis
This is a one or two hour job that anyone can do. Below is a step by step guide on how to install a garden trellis Screen:

  1. Measure the length & height of your oil tank. For this you will need a 5M measuring tap. Measure the length & note it as this will determine how much trellis you need
  2. What you will need:
    Trellis Sections
    Timber Posts
    Sand & Cement
    2” screws
  3. What tools you will need:
    String line
    A spirit level
    A drill
  4. Determine the position of your posts. Remember the width of your trellis sections. This will most likely be 1200mm. This means you should space your posts 1200mm apart.
  5. Dig foundation holes to a depth of 30cm, and approx. 20cm wide. This will allow ample space for your timber posts and concrete filling
  6. Positioning of posts must be spot on. First – place the first post in the foundation hole, ensure post in upright, level & a suitable distance from the oil tank
  7. Place some larger stones around the timber post and wedge the post in place
  8. Next back fill the hole slowly with your cement & sand mix – As you back fill, use the spirit level to ensure the post in upright & straight. Once the post is in position you can move one to the second post
  9. Measure the distance to the next post. Place a marker such as a section of timber to mark the exact position of the next post. This should be exactly the length of the trellis section
  10. Position the second post – ensuring that the base of the post is in the correct position. Take your time at this step as it will determine the success of the trellis screen
  11. Once the posts are in place & the concrete foundation has dried you can tackle the job of fixing the trellis sections to the posts
  12. Use a drill to fix the trellis to the posts.