Vegetable Seeds for Christmas Dinner

Most gardening takes place between March and September when the weather is good and soils are warm. mid Spring is certainly a very busy period when sowing vegetable seeds both indoors and outdoors is taking place. This is the best time to grow as almost anything can be sown from St. Patricks Day onwards.

However for the rest of the year we can recommend more vegetables that you can grow so that your garden remains busy & active all year round. You can have a harvest for a Christmas feast, or you can be the first to show off your spring vegetables if you time the sowing of your vegetable seeds right

There is a huge range of vegetables that you can grow from seed for Christmas Dinner, these include the following: Lettuce, carrot, sprouts, parsnip, Peas, Garlic & more. There are a few things to remember to ensure these vegetable seeds crop in time and are healthy through the winter months

For a christmas harvest you can sow:

Charlotte Seed Potatoes: These are a must for Chirstmas Day, and are a very popular vegetable to sow. They seed potatoes can be sown in early July and will be ready to harvest by mid Decemeber. Other varities of seed potatoes that you can harvest in Winter include Maris Peers & Nicola

Carrot Autumn King: As the name suggests, these carrots of the Kings of an Autumnal harvest. These carrots will also hold well in the ground and can be harvested right up to christmas day. You will need to cover the rows and protect them from the worst of the frosty weather.

Parsnips: Sow in June or July and begin harvesting after the first frosts. The frost adds to the flavour of the vegetables, and so long as the weather is not extremely bad, you can leave they out in the open and they will still be fine coming up to Christmas.

Sprouts: Most people can not eat a Christmas Dinner without a few sprouts rolling around the plate. If you are one of these lucky people then you need to get out early with your brussel sprout vegetable seeds. For a Christmas harvest, brussels should be sown in March and can be harvested from September through to Feburary

Spring Onions, White Lisbon: If you sow the vegetable seeds of White Lisbon in August, you will have a harvest in time for Christmas. These are hardy plants and can be sown later for a spring harvest