Geranium Cinereum – Plant Profile

Geranium Cinereum

The Geranium is also known as the Crane’s bill, Cranebill, Dwarf Cranesbill

Geranium Shape & Size

You can grow these plants from seeds or small plants. With a moderate growth rate, geranium plants will eventually grow into good sized plants

Final Height: 15 – 20cm
Final Spread: 40 – 50cm

Spacing: 40cm
Growth: Moderate

Geraniums are grown for their incredible showy flower displays in summer. The cinereum geraniums come in many colours and are a range of dwarf or small flowering plants

These plants are hardy, but their foliage is deciduous. This means that geraniums are herbaceous perennials and die back every winter, but come back again every spring

If you want guaranteed colour in your garden every year with very little maintenance, then plant a few geraniums or sow some geranium seeds. They require little work each year. Just cut them back in late autumn once the flowers have died back and give them a feed in mid to late spring to boost growth and ensure good flowering that season

Type: Herbaceous, Tender Perennial
Habit: Clump forming, Mounded

 Geranium Features

  • Not Evergreen
  • Foliage:  Rounded leaves, like a palmate / lobed appearance

Geranium Flowers

  • Blast of colour in summer
  • Flowering from May to July
  • Delicate flowers – every attractive
  • With detailed & deep veination
  • Colours include pinks, white & purples
  • Flower size: approx. 3cm

Geranium Location

Uses: Geraniums should be grown in full sun


  • Ideal in a traditional or cottage style garden
  • Look great along the front of borders & flower beds
  • Best when planted en mass
  • Some great companion plants for Geraniums include
    • Lavender, Ferns, black grasses, bungle weed, Aubretia, Alchemilla mollus, Euphorbia & Grasses


Soil: Sandy, Free draining, low fertility
pH: Any pH
Hardiness: Hardy