Spiral Tree Guards – How to Use

Spiral tree guards are priceless for protecting young sapling trees against damage from a number of wild mammals including rabbits & hares. By using tree protection spirals you can save a lot of money and hardship.

Spiral tree guards are simply long coiled plastic strips that are wound around the lower stems of young trees. The plastic spirals provide an external protective layer to the young trees and ensure their healthy growth in the early, formative years. Spirals come in a number of colours & sizes and each has its own benefits.

Clear spirals can be considered more advantageous than brown spirals as the sunlight can penetrate through to the stem protected by the spiral. This sunlight will encourage the growth of side shoots leading to stronger & bushier trees. With brown spirals, the sunlight will not get through meaning that no lower branches will form on the saplings – in many cases this is not an issue



The most important thing is that the main bud or terminal bud is protruding out above the top of the spirals. If light can reach the terminal bud, then the saplings will continue to grow upwards & can develop into decent trees.

Different pests can attack the stems & tips of plants causing irreversible damage. If the bark of a plant is  removed that plants vascular system will shut down meaning nutrients can not get up to plant leaves & food produced in the leaves can not get down to plant roots.

There are different size spirals for different pests. Below is a list of spiral sizes & the pests that they can control against.

Tree Guard Sizes

  • 60cm Spirals: Rabbit control
  • 75cm Spirals: Rabbit & Hare control
  • 100cm Sprials: Sheep, Rabbit & Hare Control
  • 1500cm Spirals:  Fallow Deer, Sheep,  Rabbit & Hare Control
  • 1800cm Spirals:  Red Deer, Fallow Deer, Sheep,  Rabbit & Hare Control

Tree Guards Other Advantages

  • Protection against the pests listed above
  • Adding stem warmth to boost growth
  • Protection from herbicide spray that can kill exposed plans
  • Protection from mowers & strimmers
  • Some weed protection also
  • In the garden setting these spirals will also protect stems from cat’s claws!