Granite Chippings & Stone – Design Ideas

Granite stone is an excellent material for use in garden design & installations. Granite chippings & stone comes in many forms, textures & colours meaning there is no end to its application & use.

This igneous rock is one of the toughest stones available so any feature made from granite will stand the test of time. Granite stone, like basalt is forged from the heat & pressure of volcanic activity and it is this process that gives this stone its distinctive appearance & character and abundance of colours. Granite stone can be jet black, speckled white, pink & red.

For a modern look & style to your garden we suggest a crisp, polished black granite stone. This stone can be used in water features, paving for patios & paths or used as a capping stone on walls. This polished stone contrasts very well with rough finished materials such as natural stone walling, boulders & chippings including slate & quartz. One warning about polished granite is that it can be quite slippy and therefore we suggest using anti slip tape or mixing paving surfaces to ensure a good footing.

For a more traditional look, rough cut granite can be used. Here rough granite in white would look great as a low walling, capped with natural stone caps. Granite will age very well in the garden & can be cleaned by using stone detergents to restore its natural beauty or granite can be left to age can develop moss & lichens for a timeless look. Also granite setts or cobble stones gives a very traditional look, suited to any cottage garden. Simply add some Roses, pergola & herbaceous plants to complete the look.

Granite can be a more expensive stone & is certainly more costly than sandstone or limestone. With that in mind you can use & mix granite with cheaper natural stones to great effect. One idea would be to create a mosaic or crazy paved pattern on paths or patios. This look would be in keeping with a more old or traditional style garden.

Loose granite chippings is another great way to make use of any natural stone and is a more cost effective way to cover large areas, control weeds & give you a neat finish to your garden. For added interest try to incorporate various sizes of loose chippings, stones & boulders of the same natural stone throughout your garden. Granite chippings are commonly used on paths, seating areas and around water features. They can also be used in planters & plant pots to control weeds & to retain moisture. 1 Ton bag of granite chippings will cover approx. 8 to 10 Sq. metres.

Back to modern uses and diamond sawn granite flags are often used in conjunction with stripes of grass running between them, this really creates a wonderful look with both soft & hard landscaping coming together & it also solves the problem of slippy & dangerous paving flags.