Lawn Moss Killer Without The Scarifier

A wave of easy to use lawn moss killer products are now available on the market. All these products are offering the same promise of killing moss on your lawns and more importantly not needing to follow up with a intensive day of raking & scarifying all the dead moss out of the lawn

Some brands of lawn moss killer include the viano Mo Bacter, there is also the Osmo brand, O’Maras moss killer and Neudroff’s CleanLawn Feed & Improver. The latter is available on the garden shop and is proving to be a very popular product for solving moss on lawns

The great thing about all these moss killers is that they simply turn the moss into fertiliser. This fertilier will in turn feed your lawns meaning that you can benefit even further from the fact that you don’t have to rake out the moss. The moss is turned into a dust which falls to the soil surface and is then washed into the soil where the roots of grass can eventually absorb the nutrients. Which the grass benefiting from the demise of the moss the grass plants can then quickly outcompete and outgrow the dead moss. The grass will then populate bare patches of soil where the moss once stood and with strong and healthier grass growth moss will struggle to re-establish on your lawns

Most of the above lawn moss killer products are based on organic ingredients which means they are safe to use around pets, children, plants, edible plants and vegetables. The products are also safe to use around paving and will not stain your paving like other lawn moss killer products such as sulphate of iron

The fertilizer added by each of the above lawn moss killers is different, the Mo bacter claims to add the following ratio: 5-5-20 NPK. You can apply the product by hand or using a seed spreader, both are effective but if you have a larger garden area then you should opt for the spreader as this will prove a lot quicker. Spreading by hand is ideal for smaller areas and is often the best when to achieve an even application.

The results are fast and you can enjoy your lawn again immediately after applying the product. Just sit back and allow the lawn moss killer to do its job and kill moss, and then feed your lawn