Soil Renew & Soil Health

The importance of soil health is becoming more and more in focus in recent years and this can only bring good things for the future of our environment, countryside & all the plants and animals that live within it. Soil renew is one of a new wave of products that in recent years has found its way into Irish garden centres. Soil renew a basically a soil conditioner & improver based on purely organic, living & natural ingredients. It is made up of plant matter and an ecosystem of soil micro-organisms including good bacteria, fungi, algae & micro-plants

By adding soil renew to your garden soil or vegetable plot you can breathe life back into the soil and encourage better soil life, activity, productivity & sustainability. All the tiny organisms that live in soils are essential for the soil to remain healthy. They help breakdown organic matter, release essential plant nutrients into the soil, breakdown soil particles, burrow air & water channels through the soil, mix soil layers and recover nutrients to the upper surfaces of the soil. Soil insects & micro-organisms are also the food of larger insects and mammals such as birds, hedgehogs, mice and more. With soil renew you can boost your soil’s micro-organisms to create a bigger and more diverse eco system
By adding just 1.5kg of soil renew to your garden soil you can increase the rate of organic decomposition by micro-organisms so much that you can increase your soils organic matter content by a half a ton. This is huge amount of additional organic matter for your soil from only 1.5kg of soil renew
This additional organic matter will go on to further increase soil life and will in turn become essential plant nutrients such as nitrogen which is essential for plant growth. The organic matter in soils is also great for retaining soil moisture while also maintaining soil oxygen. Both water and oxygen are essential for good healthy root growth and without either or both your plants are certain to die
Of course organic matter in soils can be created naturally without the addition of soil renew, but the process can be quite slow. Also organic matter can be manually added to the soil through the addition of farm yard manure, but adding a half ton of farm yard manure to your garden soil can be a slow, difficult process and would certainly be a lot more work than simply scattering a 1.5kg box of soil renew over the soil surface
You can apply soil renew from early spring and any time over the summer. One application is sufficient for a year and you can re-apply in the following year to further boost your soils activity and nutrient levels