Lawn Seed – Sowing Tips

Everybody wants the perfect lawn. Lawns are an essential part of all our garden and the part of the garden that gets the most use. Whether we are sun bathing, playing ball, washing the dog, or just impressing the neighbours we know that a top quality sward is most important. To achieve a high spec lawn we have outlined all the necessary steps in the initial lawn seed sowing stage so that you can get things right from day one


There are a few steps to consider and timing is important too, so we have listed your lawn seed sowing to do list by dates:

January to March: Do nothing, stay off the lawn as much as possible

March to April: Busy season. April is the ideal time for sowing lawn seed so preparation can start before then. All lawn care work needs to be done in dry conditions, when the lawn is firm and not soft. Lawn seed can only be sown after the last frost date which would be the middle of March. These two months are considered the ideal time to sow lawn seed as your lawn will have all summer to fill out, meaning your garden won’t be a big bare, brown site for half the year (which it would if you sow in Autumn) Also March , April is the best time to sow as is allows your grass a chance to settle in before the stressful conditions of mid summer. i.e. low moisture and excessive heat

May to September –  Your lawn is sown and now the waiting begins. To pass the time you can water in your lawn seed. By watering in the seeds you will speed up germination and help to increase lawn establishment. Once your lawn has established you can start to cut. First cut should involve a quick topping only. Then over the coarse of the summer you can lower the blades on your mower until you reach the desired cutting height of 1″ or 2.5cm.

The more frequently you cut the better your grass will perform

September to January – Stay off the lawn

In year one you need to avoid using any fertilisers on your lawn. The young grass can struggle when you apply strong fertiliser to them.

When sowing your lawn seed apply at a rate of 35grams per metre. Ensure your soil is cleared of all stone to the size of a euro coin, and roots. Ensure the soil is forked over, raked level & gently rolled before sowing your seed. Finally, lightly rake over the soil surface after sowing your seed