Wind block – Net or Natural?

Being an Island nation we are often exposed to some windy conditions. This weather cam leave our gardens as no go zones until more clement weather arrives. Whether you live by the coast or in the midlands you can find yourself exposed to these conditions and the only solution or answer is to invest in some form of wind block

A few points on wind & wind speed

Before considering a wind block you should get to know a little more about wind & the wind in your garden. This is called your micro-climate and each garden will have a different micro climate depending on surrounding buildings, orientation, altitude & existing vegetation


Wind speed can be measured using an amemometer and is measured in mles per hour. The following is a list of wind speeds & weather conditions:

  • Calm 0 – 1 miles per hour       (here smoke will rise straight up)
  • Light air 1 – 3 miles per hour (here wind direction can be determined by the slight shifty in smoke direction)
  • Light breeze 4 – 7 miles per hour (Leaves rustle slightly)
  • Gentle Breeze 8 – 12 miles per hour     (here The smallest of twigs on trees will move)
  • Moderate Breeze 19 – 24 miles per hour  (Now small branches of trees will move with the breeze)
  • Strong Breeze 19 – 24 miles per hour (here trees will sway, even big branches will move)
  • Near Gale 32 – 38 miles per hour (At this wind the entire tree canopy will move & sway in the wind)
  • Gale 39 – 46 miles per hour (Strong winds knock twigs from trees)
  • Strong Gale  47 – 55 miles per hour (Damage to building)
  • Storm 55 – 63 miles per hour (Trees that were swaying are blown over)

Natural Wind Block

A natural wind block requires rows of trees & shrubs to be planted along the boundary where wind comes from. A double row of plants will provide the most effective from of wind block. Ideally planting a taller block of trees and then a lower row of shrubs inside that. Natural wind block works well because it diffuses the power of wind down to a gentle breeze

Wind Block Fencing

Wind barrier fencing is a quick & simple solution to a wind problem. It is often used in conjunction with a natural wind barrier or hedgerow. Wind block netting can be bought in various lengths & heights and will offer instant protection from wind while you wait for your hedgerow or natural barrier to grow. Wind block netting will be quicker to install, generally lower cost  to install and also takes up less space than a natural wind barrier. But the level of protection it offers would be less than a natural barrier.