Potting My Summer Flowering Bulbs

When you find that you have too many flower bulbs and not enough space in the garden for them all then you should consider potting them up in plant pots or containers. This will ensure that your bulbs can grow and flower this year and will prevent your Flower bulbs from rotting


The best time to sow your summer flowering bulbs is in April. This is the month where the air & soil temperatures have begun to warm up and the conditions for just starting to get perfect for good growth. If you plan your bulbs too early you run the risk of exposing them to frost and this leads to hours spent moving bulbs back indoors which is time consuming and disruptive to the plants

Aprils rain and warm conditions offer the prefect start for summer flowering bulbs and sowing this month will set them up well for the upcoming year.

Start summer bulbs in pots is the way to go – it allows you to care for and look after your bulbs is ways that sowing them directly insoil the soil won’t allow. Some benefits of growing summer flowering bulbs in pots include:

1. Free of weeds – in pots your summer bulbs won’t have to compete with weeds or other plants. This eans all the light, water & nutrients is there for the benefit of the bulbs

2. Choose your mix – With pots you can decide and create the best mix for your individual bulb’s needs. Some bulbs require drier soils and some need more fertility to grow well. Some bulbs like sandy or stony soils to grow and other benefit from the addtion of bulb starter mix

3. Tending to your bulbs – when bulbs are in pots they are easier to reach, move, turn and care for all round. Ideally you should grow in pots on raised tables to avoid any need to bend over or lean over your plants

4. Watering & feeding – Summer flowering bulbs that are grown in pots are easy to water & feed. Again – if you are growing on raised potting tables then you simply use need to water the base of the pot and let the water rise up into the container. This way you are unlikely to over water your plants

5. Extra heat – growing in pots allow for extra warmth and therefore extra growth in plants. If you grow in polytunnels your plants will burst into life by mid June. but these plants will require regular checks to ensure that they don’t dry out and that they are not attacked by slugs. They will also require alot of ventilation to prevent the build up of again fungus or diseases