Plant Pots & Trays in Gardens

Using Trays when growing plants in pots is essential and the benefits to both you and your plants and endless. Garden trays are wonderful for plants as they make it so much easier to grow and care for your plants and create the ideal conditions for growing plants from plant pots

Below are a list of the main reason why you should consider buying garden trays when growing plants in plant pots. Whether you are growing herbs, flowers or vegetables. Whether you are growing from seed, bulbs or potting on larger plants garden trays will be of great benefit

1. Neat – Garden trays keep everything neat and tidy. With the tray all water, soil & other debris can be kept in place and can be kept neat and tidy. When growing plants it is good practice to have a tidy working space & growing space as it is easier to keep on top of weeds, pests other other potential problems

2. Watering – This is the main, number one reason why garden trays are an essential addition to all growing set-ups. With the garden tray you can water from beneath and this is the best way to water your plant pots. Watering from beneath means that the pots are never likely to become over wet and therefore allowing more air in the soil which is essential for root & plant growth. Water into trays is also very quick & easy and crucially – no water is wasted. This means cheaper, quicker and more environmentally friendly gardening can be achieved by using watering trays

3. Feeding – As watering is made easy, so too is feeding. The best thing to do is to use a liquid feed and mix it through the water as you water your plant pots and trays

4. Lifting & Moving- plant pots should be turned regularly. With a large garden tray you cna just pick up the entire tray and turn all the plants at once! Nice and easy

5. Reuse – Garden trays are generally though and long lasting so you can get many years use out of them

6. Many uses – Not only can the trays be used for many years but they also have endless uses in that time. The obvious use is to place plant pots on the trays and use to hold & water these pots. But the trays can also be used when potting up containers and pots. They can be used to hold dirty boots, they can be used in hydroponic systems. The list goes on