Rubber Garden Edging for Low Maintenance Gardening

Low maintenance is always a hot topic in gardening and gardens. We all want a neat and pristine garden, we all want to be able to enjoy our garden – but we certainly don’t want to become a slave to the gardening, and rightly so!

So, here at How to Garden we have some tips and suggestion on how rubber garden border can make your garden easier to maintain and neat and tidy all year round.


This rubber edging are so easy to install that it only take a matter of minutes before you have the first 2m length in the ground and your off laying the next section. This means that with minimal effort you can quickly install all your garden rubber edgings and you can then get back to more important tasks including: lighting the BBQ, admiring the garden, smelling the roses and such things

Mark out your desired edging line with string or garden hose. These rubber edgings work perfectly well in straight lines or curves. Cut away any grass from your edging line and try and ensure a flat and level surface along the length of the edging line

The rubber edgings available online come with wooden posts, these posts are fixed to the rubber edging and the first post can be hammered down into position. Next you need to pull the edging tight along the line of your border and then position the second timber post. Hammer in the second post and then fix the edging to the post using the screw provided.

Make sure that the edging is level across the top – if the edging is a bit low or high you can adjust it by adding or removing some top soil.

Edges can be tapped down or adjusted as required using a rubber mallet

Once in place the edgings will last many years and require little or no maintenance. They will sit in place and look neat whilst keeping grass from growing in over your flower beds. This is probably one of the worst looks in a garden and the one thing that makes a garden look messy

The rubber garden edging are so string that you can strim up to the edge of the lawn and even hit the rubber with the strimmer – the rubber won’t tear and the grass edge can be kept very neat and tidy with great ease.

More great news! These rubber garden edgings are made from recycled car tyres. This means that these edgings are in fact eco-friendly as well as a great low cost alternative for brick or stone garden edgings