Spring Bulbs For Janurary Flowering

January can be a month that many gardeners like to forget. We tend to play the waiting game hoping to sit it out until Spring arrives. But with our list of early blooming Spring bulbs you can really say goodbye to the January blues with a splash of colour that will warm up any Winter day.

To ensure a good display in January be sure to plant your bulbs as early as possible, ideally sowing no later than mid October, that will give your Spring bulbs all the time they need to settle into the ground & come up fighting by January. Below is a list of the most rewarding of January flowering spring bulbs.

Snowdrops Spring Bulbs

The quintessential early flowering Spring bulb, these bloom so early that their delicate blooms can often get lost in the snow but these resilient flowers always outlast the snowy conditions and their blooms & deep green foliage are always first to emerge.

There are several varieties with little to distinguish between each. Plant early for January displays. When planting, sow bulbs 3 times their size. Ensure the ground drains well and is rich in nutrients. One way to improve the soil & achieve excellent blooms is to include RHS Bulb Starter. This product both improves nutrient & drainage conditions & has added microbial fungii which further boosts growth.

  • Galanthus Elwesii: Height 30cm
  • Galanthus Nivalis: Height 15cm
  • Galanthus Woronoii: Height 10cm

 Hyacinth Spring Bulbs

Suited to both indoor & outdoor use, Hyacinths can flower from December through February. They are easy to grow & indoor grown hyacinths can be sowed directly in water with no soil needed. This is a popular choice when using Hyacinths as a table centre piece. Hyacinths are popular both for their range of colours & their fragrant blooms . Some popular varieties include

  • Jan Bos – This is a light pink flowering variety growing approx. 25cm in height
  • Pearl White – A slightly shorter variety with pure white, fragrant blooms
  • Delft Blue – As the name suggests, this is a light blue Hyacinth, perfect for pots, window boxes & raised beds

Daffodil Early Sensation Spring Bulbs

Daffodils are known for their March colour, but there is a variety that can bloom as early as January. Narcissus Rijnveld’s ‘Early sensation’ should be planted no later than September for blooms in January.

Not only do they flower early, but their display is exquisite with large trumpet flower heads arising from 30cm long stalks. When planting we suggest sowing the bulbs in drifts or in clumps as this will give the most impact.

Remember, in January there will be limited colour in the garden so plant lots of Early Sensation to compensate for this. These bulbs will also look great when planted under deciduous trees or along driveways & hedgerows


For the most vibrant of colours, Cyclamen is top of the list for January colour. These low growing bulbs are ideal for planting in a lawn area or under trees & deciduous shrubs.

With both interesting foliage & flowers, these are a great addition to any garden. Use to edge paths & lawns or plant into pots & baskets. Cyclamen are in fact corms, not bulbs. Corms are modified stems & underground storage for plants. They produce many new growing points making them ideal for plant propagation.